melinda bustillo

melinda bustillo


  • Cell: (504) 256-1978
  • Office: (504) 301-9757
  • Office Location: 3841 Veterans Blvd., Suite 201

About melinda bustillo

Melinda has a knack for seeing the beauty in homes that others may turn away from. She grew up watching her father build and restore homes in the Greater New Orleans area and paid great attention to the progress of the homes that he built. Today, Melinda carries on her father’s legacy by helping others find houses that they can potentially call home.

Before becoming a real estate professional, Melinda worked as an account manager for a Fortune 500 company in New York, where she adopted the mantra “Make it Happen.” Melinda’s experience with bookkeeping and accounting has proved beneficial for her current investor clients as she can provide extra assistance calculating ROI and estimating costs for resale and leasing property.

If you’re looking for an agent with an eye for real estate and a passion for helping others, give Melinda a call today! 504-256-1978.